How Can I Use Spam Submission Tool Of McAfee Antivirus?

antivirus-supportcentre 28 August 2018

Do you use e-mail? If yes, then certainly you receive the spam’s also, Agree? Usually users ignore spam in their e-mail accounts. They do not bother to pay attention to these e-mails. But they don’t know that spams are the main reasons that attack your system with stealthy malware and virus attack. This affects your system and creates problems for the user. Don’t worry you need an antivirus to protect your system.

So, here it is McAfee Antivirus one of the popular brands of security software industry. You can use this antivirus to protect your PC. Below we will discuss that how you can use the Spam Submission tool of McAfee Antivirus. By using this tool you can save your PC from virus and it will also help the system to work smoothly. In case you have a problem in operating below steps you can contact McAfee customer support number we are here to assist our users.

Follow the Steps to operate Spam Submission tool of McAfee Antivirus:

Installation Specification

  • If you want to install the free McAfee submission tool, you need to have at least Microsoft windows 2000 or latest operating system.
  • Install the latest service pack for the PC which have Internet access and have the access to submit the e-mail to McAfee.
  • Because McAfee antivirus requires the IP Address of the SMTP Server and SMTP server port data along with an e-mail address for submitting the Spam.

Submitting Spam

  • Once the software is installed, it will automatically add the toolbar and menu options to the e-mail account.
  • Now, to submit the spam you can see the message and use the toolbar option to see the unwanted sample.
  • You can use the “Action” menu to accomplish the method and can also arrange the tools while submitting the first spam.

Unspecified Non-Spam

  • By clicking the “Submit Non-Spam Sample” button to submit the unspecified and Non-Spam messages. You can also use the Action menu to settle these sorts of messages.

Add Microsoft Contacts

  • Add contacts to the white list and stop the normal e-mail addresses to be Uncategorized.
  • Now click “Configure Submission Settings”
  • And, add all contacts to the white list by clicking “Add contact address to white list”.

Black list Hacker

  • Go to the Action Menu
  • Check the “Blacklist sender on Submission”
  • And Click Ok

Note: the blacklist check box will only appear, if McAfee Quarantine Manager Program is being used.

You can go through the above steps; else you can connect to McAfee Support Number +1-844-550-9444 to avail the special assistance service and get your query fixed by our techies. We are a third party service provider to our users, giving support via call support and remote access solutions.

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